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BeeTalks is a nonprofit initiative by 'Bee Parenting' to spreading awareness of parenting importance, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (16 minutes or less). BeeTalks is a dedicated global platform to promote all ideas, projects, information, resources & people that contributes towards positive parenting.

How BeeTalks work

Currently, BeeTalks run completely virtual. Below are the steps from start to end.

  1. We invite the speaker to show their expression of interest to be a speaker at BeeTalks.
  2. Team behind BeeTalks along with subject matter expert (as per talk subject) approves the speaker profile
  3. Based on the speaker's expertise,, he/she records the video at his/her premises as per our BeeTalks video recording guidelines.
  4. The Row video given by the speaker goes to BeeTalks Subject matter expert for content approval & Endorsement.
  5. On successful approval, row video goes for professional video editing (credits are given to all people who contribute to the video).
  6. Finalising promotable video with suitable sub-titles/layover text.
  7. Video is promotes on all the platforms by BeeTalks social media team & network globally

Contact beetalksparenting@gmail.com for more

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