Colour Changing Flowers

Contributed by : Ravina Sewani   
Colour Changing Flowers


This activity will help your children understand about how plants take up their nutrients. They will also learn to appreciate nature.

Things you will need:

Liquid or powdered food colouring, water, transparent glasses or cups, white flowers.

How to:

Make sure that all the steps are carried out by your children. You can keep an eye on them for protection.

  1. Collect about 5-6 flowers. Take 5-6 transparent glasses.
  2. Cut the stems of flowers such that the flowers fit in the glasses.
  3. Add water in each glass. Add a small amount of different food colouring in the glasses and stir it so that the colour mixes with the water evenly. If you are using liquid colouring, you can directly add 3-4 drops. If you are using powdered food colouring, mix the powder with a small amount of water. Now add these coloured drops to the glasses.
  4. Add one flower to each glass. You can add more than one too.
  5. Observe the flowers every 2-3 hours or so. Keep observing the glasses for the next few days.
  6. You can also change the activity with more food colouring or with more than one flower and notice the difference in the results.

Why do the flowers get coloured?

Plants drink water when roots absorb them and send it to the top through stem. The flowers here did not have roots but still are able to take up water through capillary action. This process helps plants to go against the gravity and make water reach up to the top.

Happy Gaming!

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