Compound Word Game

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Compound Words


This will enhance your child’s vocabulary.

Things you will need Just the thinking ability of your minds.

How to:

Introduce your child to the concept of compound words. Here is a definition to help you - Compound words are formed when two or more words are joined together to create a new word with an entirely new meaning. 

Example of such words are:

  • Butterfly
  • Treehouse
  • Fireman
  • Rainbow
  • Grandmother
  • Ice cream
  • Video game
  • Peanut butter
  • Roller coaster
  • Full moon
  • North-east
  • Part-time
  • Sun-dried
  • Left-handed
  • High-tech

Ask your child to come up with more such words.

There are 3 types of Compound words:

  • Closed compound words: Compound words written as a single word without space or a hyphen. Examples - football, haircut, sunflower.
  • Open compound words: Compound words that are written as separate words with space. Examples - high school, living room, school bus.
  • Hyphenated Compound words: Compound words that have a hyphen between two words. Example - over-the-counter, merry-go-round

You can introduce these different types of compound words depending on the age and vocabulary of your child.

Teaching compound words:

  1. Visual learning: You can create flashcards of the compound words and the corresponding 2 images. Children can then match the two images with the compound words that they form. Example - draw 'tree' and 'house' on two different flashcards and write 'treehouse' on one flashcard; ask your child to match these then.
  2. Kinesthetic learning: Give your child a compound word and ask them to draw the 2 parts of that word. Example - fireman; your kid would draw 'fire' and 'man' separately.
  3. You can prepare a worksheet of compound words, and your child can write the answers. Make sure to instruct them on which kind of compound words exercise you are giving to them. This will make them notice the different types of compound words. 


fire + man = fireman

ice + cream = ice cream

over + the + counter = over-the-counter

Fun fact: You can also give this an entire week’s task and observe how excited your child gets.

Happy Gaming!

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