Dancing Raisin

Contributed by : Ravina Sewani   
Dancing Raisin


With this easy to set-up activity, you can drive your child towards science and the magic it creates.

Things you will need:

fresh liquid soda, small transparent cup, raisins (fresh ones show the best results).

How to:

Make sure that all the steps are carried out by your children. You can keep an eye on them for protection.

  1. Take a transparent cup or a glass and fill it with liquid soda.
  2. Take about 7-10 raisins and drop them in the glass.
  3. Now wait for about 2 minutes and observe how science makes the raisins dance!

Why do the raisins dance?

When the raisins are dropped in the soda, they sink at the bottom. The gas bubbles from the soda attach with the raisins and make them rise to the top. The gas bubbles attach. When the raisin reaches the top, the gas bubbles pop out and so the raisin falls down again. This continues until all the gas bubbles have left the soda.

  • Try adding other things to soda and see what happens – uncooked pasta, rice, corn kernels.
  • You can also take 2 cups and compare the raisins in the soda and the raisins in the water.

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