Dinosaur Dig

Contributed by : Ravina Sewani   
Dinosaur Dig


This activity helps children bond well and develop their co-ordination of fine motor skills.

Thing you will need:

Large transparent container, toy dinosaurs, water, shells, stones, bowl of hot water, salt, tweezers or something similar which is heavy and can break the ice, blue food colouring (preferably powdered colour)

Activity should be done with a group of 5-10 kids.

How to:

Make sure that all the steps are carried out by your children. You can keep an eye on them for protection.

  1. Fill about 1/3rd of the container with water and freeze it.
  2. Place a few toys, stones and shells.
  3. Pour another layer of water above these toys and freeze it again.
  4. Place remaining toys, stones and shells.
  5. Pour the last layer of water and freeze it again.
  6. Place the ice block you prepared out in the open or on a table.
  7. Mix salt and the blue food colour in sufficient quantity. Sprinkle this mixture on your ice block. You will see that the ice block is starting to melt.
  8. Pour the hot water over your ice block so that the ice block melts faster.
  9. Using tweezers break the ice so that you can recover your dinosaur toys, stones and shells.
  10. Repeat the steps. Add more salt, more hot water, break the ice with tweezers.
  11. This activity will definitely keep children busy for a good 2 hours. Let them discover how they can recover the toys faster.


Carry out this activity in your backyard or veranda so that your house does not get messy.

Why does the ice melt by adding salt?

Salt helps in melting the ice faster because salt decreases the melting point of ice. The kids also have fun as they see a blue stream of water running down.

Happy Gaming!

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