Contributed by : Ceo Heybee, Ravina Sewani   


This will enhance your child’s vocabulary and pronunciation.

Things you will need: Just the thinking ability of your minds.

How to:

Introduce your child to the concept of homophones. Here is a definition to help you - Homophones are words that have different spellings, different meanings but the same pronunciation. Example of such words are:

  • Ate, eight
  • Bare, bear
  • Buy, bye
  • Eye, I
  • Flour, flower
  • Hear, here
  • Knight, night
  • Pair, pear
  • Right, write
  • Son, sun

Ask your child to come up with more such words.

Fun fact: You can also give this as an entire week’s task and observe how excited your child get.

Bee Suggestions



This activity will improve your child’s imaginative skills. It will also help them to connect the dots between 2 or more things.

It is a word guessing game.

Leak Proof Bag


This fun activity teaches basic concepts of science.

Unscramble the words - Hard

This activity will enhance your child's thinking ability.

Fizzing Colours


This activity imparts knowledge of colour mixing and chemical reactions.

Backward counting


This will help your child to tame his/her mind.

Walking Water


The child will learn the concept of capillary action and have fun with colours.

Puffy Paint Art


The child will develop fine motor skills and will enjoy the colourful art.

Number Play


This activity will help your child’s brain’s processing ability.

Rain Cloud in a Jar


This is a fun activity where a child can enjoy rain falling from a cloud. You can give them information about natural phenomenon of raining.

Instant Ice


This activity will enhance your child's intellectual and motor skills.

Salt, Glue, Watercolour art


This activity will improve your child’s motor skills, co-ordination skills, letter and colour recognition skills.

Skittle Candy Experiment


This activity will introduce your child to the concept of solute and solvent and is also a fun and attractive experiment for kids.

Deep Blue sea water play bin


This activity will introduce to your child the knowledge of water bodies and the life forms living in water.

Oil and Water exploration


This activity will introduce the concept of attraction between molecules in science to your child.

Fairy soup


This activity will introduce the concept of cooking food in an interesting way. It will also help kids to develop team work and social skills.

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