Role Playing

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Role Playing


This activity will enhance your child's imagination and increase their understanding about day to day experiences. This activity will also make your child accept people from all expertise.

Things you will need:

Depending on the scenario you choose, you will need specific props for the activity. All the props are easily available but if they are not, you can use card-board, scissors, shoe boxes, craft paper, colours, water, clay and other basic materials to create the necessary props for the role play activity.

How to:

Role play activities are always fun when carried out in groups. You can choose from the following scenarios to design a role play activity with children:

  • Bakery - Make cookies and chocolates using clay and cardboard, use a shoe box as an oven, set up a counter using a small table and chair and you are good to go.
  • Fairy Tale story - Choose the fairy tale your child likes and then using the basic materials set up the fairy tale. For a more lively experience, you and your child can dress up in costumes.
  • Flower Shop - Design bouquets, flowers and decorate them with sparkles and you are good to go.
  • Pizza Outlet - Design the pizza bases using clay, cut the cardboard and make vegetables, use paper as the cheese, use the shoe box as the oven, use coloured water as sauces and YAY have fun!

Similarly, brainstorm with your child about the things they see at the following places and design the role play accordingly:

  • Ice cream Counter
  • Tea Party
  • Grocery Store
  • Hospital
  • Garage
  • Cinema
  • Camping
  • Bank
  • Airport
  • Fire Station
  • Library

Another way to carry out Role Play activity is to dress up your child as one of the different professions and act like them. Example - doctor, engineer, police, detective, farmer, potter, mayor, fire fighter, astronaut, teacher, chef, lawyer, sailor, watchman, carpenter, manson...etc.

Bee Suggestions

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