Sink or Float

Contributed by : Ravina Sewani   
Sink or Float


This helps in early scientific brain development of your child.

Things you will need: big transparent container, small objects like pebbles, small toys clay balls, shells, etc.

How to:

Before starting the activity, explain the meaning of the words “sink” and “float” to your child.

Sink: If an object goes down to the bottom of the liquid (water).

Float: If an object remains on the top/surface of the liquid (water).

Take a big transparent container and fill it with water up to half. Now take objects like pebbles, small toys, clay ball, shells, etc. One by one, drop the objects in the water filled container and make your child observe whether an object sinks or floats.

What happens in the activity?

It might happen that your child will demand an explanation for this. Do not shush them away instead feed their curiosity. Heavier objects tend to sink and lighter objects tend to float.

You can try other things too:

Items that sink – Metal utensils, coins, stones, keys, gemstones, marbles

Items that float - Lego stick, popsicle stick, foam shapes, crayons, rubber ball

Happy Gaming!

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