Intellectual Development In Early Childhood Book

Contributed by : Ali Momin   
Parenting Book

Author : Ali Momin (Pen name - BachchaNand)

Language : English

Pages : 56

Learning starts when children are infants, which is long before school begins. The early years of childhood are significant; they are the foundation that shapes children's future health, development, knowledge and learning at school; and most importantly their adult life. To maximise their future well-being, parents have to take the importance of early childhood development seriously.

This book is all about Early Childhood Development. Among various pillars of parenting, intellectual development in the early years is on focus in this book. All various aspects of Intellectual Development like concentration, Self-Confidence, Observation, Cause and Effect & many more have been mentioned in chapter forms (refer to Index for more). This book will be a helping guide for parents who want to raise their children's genius from the early years of their life.

Raising a child is a golden opportunity to leave an everlasting impression on this planet. Grab it a big way!


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