All you need to know about root canal

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All you need to know about root canal

Frequently asked questions about root canal treatment

Are root canals good for a 5 year old?

Root canals can be safe for 5 year old child if performed properly by an expert. The procedure and materials used for performing root canal is safe and suitable for child and does not cause any harm.

Do Pediatric dentists do root canals?

Yes, Pediatric dentists do root canal for babies. Your family dentist may address the problem but a child’s specific dental needs can be treated by a pediatric dentist. Hence, it is good to visit a pediatric dentist to do the procedure of root canal

How long does it take to do a baby root canal?

Root Canal treatment for babies usually takes around 30 mins to an hour, however you might have to spend around 90 mins at the dental clinic for a complete entire treatment.

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