Blocked ears

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Blocked ears

The feeling of blocked or clogged ears is either due to water or sir getting stuck in the ears.

The feeling of blocked or clogged ears is either due to water or sir getting stuck in the ears.

Water in the ears:

When water enters in an ear due to any reason, the ear feels clogged/blocked. If there's too much water in the ears, surrounding sounds also get muffled. It is important to remove the water from ears because otherwise it can cause infections.

You can get the water out of your child's ear, these are a few steps to follow:

  • First dry out your child's ear using a soft towel. Do not push the towel deep into the ear canal.
  • Ask your child to tilt their head on the side of the ear which has water stuck in it and let gravity to do the work. Slightly pull their earlobes; this will straighten the ear canal helping in draining the water.
  • If the clogging of the ear persists, you can get ear drops prescribed by your child's doctor.
  • Do not use cotton swabs as they will push the dirt deep into the ear. Warn your children to not stick their finger in their ear.

Air in the ears:

The ears tend to feel full and clogged when a person is sick, or when altitudes change. To relieve from this feeling, one needs to pop their ears. Here is how you can help your child:

  • Yawn: Instruct your child to yawn as many times as possible as yawning helps in opening up the ear canal hence helping the ears to pop.
  • Swallow: Give water to your child or a candy to suck on as swallowing activates the muscles that open up the ear canal.
  • Valsalva maneuver: Take a deep breath and pinch your nose shut. Keep your mouth closed and gently exhale through the nose. If your child is too young, this technique to pop the ears is not advised as it carries a minute risk of rupturing the eardrum.
  • Toynbee maneuver: Pinch the nose shut and with your mouth closed, try swallowing. If your child has difficulty doing this, a mouthful of water will help in swallowing.
  • If nothing works, consult your child's doctor.

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