Dealing with a child’s sugar eating habits

Contributed by : Palak Vyas, Prachi Shah   
Dealing with a child’s sugar eating habits

Sugar is a very tempting food item. Keep the sugar intake in check since the first day a child learns to eat; this way things will not out of hand.

Children, just like adults, have a sweet tooth, and it is normal for them to want desserts and cookies instead of carrots. If you notice that your child’s diet consists mostly of processed foods, try and buy healthy snacks so that your child has fewer unhealthy options. But there is no need to fret over a dessert every now and then. All food is good food as long as it’s in moderation.

Keep the following points in mind if your child is eating too much of sugary food:

  • A habit is a habit, whether it is eating sugar or sucking a thumb or watching TV or even eating 2-3 candies daily. So the way a habit is formed, likewise it can be ridden off too.
  • Eating sugar is very harmful for a child because it will cause tooth decay, make him/her obese and leave the child malnourished.
  • Parents can use some easy tricks like first of all keeping the sugar jar where the child doesn’t find it easily.
  • Avoid bringing and storing candy in the house so the child doesn’t find them easily.
  • You can start using jaggery in the dishes to avoid sugar, wherever you can and that way it becomes a healthy option.
  • A child of this age can be easily distracted. For a few days if you distract him/her, automatically (s)he will forget asking for sugar.
  • For initial days it may become hard but you should stay firm and not give up.
  • Ask for help and seek support from family members so they don’t give your child sugar whenever (s)he asks.
  • You can always replace sugar with other natural sweet substances such as dates and raisins.
  • Eat healthy as a family. Never exhibit any behaviour which encourages the child to eat sugar. Keep your actions in check.

Bee Suggestions

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