Soothing your baby after injection

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Soothing your baby after injection

Injections are painful for children so they tend to get cranky post one.

Normally babies cry after the injection because the prick of the injection is painful for a baby. The doctors usually advise the parents to give paracetamol to reduce the pain so the child can have some relief.

Keep the following in mind to soothe your child after injection:

  • Stay near your baby to distract and calm him/her during injection.
  • Hold your baby in a position so that the doctor can easily give injections.
  • If your baby is under 6 months, use a sugar solution to pacify him/her. You can dip his/her pacifier in a sugar solution and let him/her suck it.
  • Distract your baby with lights, sounds or some new toy.
  • After the injection, rub the vaccination site gently.
  • Swaddling can be helpful for little babies.
  • Place your baby on one side or on the stomach.
  • Swing him/her in your arms.
  • Feed your baby.
  • Apply cold compress at the site of injection.

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