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Moral: cooperation, friendship, integrity

Language: English

Duration: 1h 57m

What's in it for you and your child?

This is bright and cheery story so your child is going to have a fun time.Voices are expertly chosen. The story of the self absorbed car who discovers there is more to life than winning races. Similarly for kids also there is more to life than getting marks and winning competitions. It talks about human values and emotions in a very subtle way. There is an incident in the end, where the lead car is shown to keep up his promise and that is a good lesson. Here, the characters demonstrate humility and integrity. The beauty is in the way, the cars are shown arguing, losing temper or even feeling happy or sad.

Note: Be there with your child when they laugh and giggle watching this amazing movie. A good discussion on the movie in the end will become an all time memory for you and them.

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