Fire In Babylon

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Fire In Babylon

Moral: Bravery,competition,confidence,Courage,dedication,discipline,faith,hard work ,hope, motivation, passion, Respect, Responsibility, sacrifice, strength, struggle ,success

Duration: 1h 23m

Language: English

What’s in it for you and your child?

Fire in Babylon is a relatively unremarkable effort, not playing out in any way that really breaks from genre conventions or offers anything you haven't seen before. However, the natural colour and vibrancy of the culture it's telling the story of manages to give it a real life and soul of it's own, that is in itself something different.

Why you and your child should watch the movies?

Sports movies can be inspiring and uplifting which teaches some of life’s most important lessons. It generates immense energy and power and forms positives attitudes which are very necessary for real life. A good sports film is not only about losing or winning on the field, but it also speaks about the deep meaning associated with the sports itself. Sports films appreciate the struggle of the participants by showcasing losers as temporary pain to achieve greater rewards in the future. Sports films understand human emotions which results in a positive attitude in the way we think and live in society. The characters that depict the issues in the sports films transcend the human realities of racism, gender, policies that are very prominent in this fast-moving societies of today.

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