Friendship's Day

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Friendship's Day

India celebrates Friendship's Day on the first Sunday of August every year.

India celebrates Friendship's Day on the first Sunday of August every year.

This day is celebrated to appreciate the friends in our life who make our life valuable and are always standing right by our side. This day is a great opportunity for you to plan a play-date or a sleepover for your child with his/her friends.

Help your child understand that in life, there are going to be some differences between them and their friends but that doesn't mean the friendship is not worth it. Tell your child to always stick around their friends. Check out the group activities on our app for your child to celebrate this day with their friends. Here are the ones we like the most:

  • Balloon Word Search
  • Act out a story
  • Deep Blue sea water play bin
  • Muddy car wash
  • Red light green light
  • Pillow obstacle course
  • Tape Maze
  • Indoor bowling
  • Dunk It
  • Keep the balloon up

Watching movies on friendship is also a good idea to celebrate Friendship day with insightful message in a fun way ! Ask 'Friendship movies' to Bee

Happy Friendship's Day!

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