Gujarat Day

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Gujarat Day

Gujarat Day is celebrated on 1st May every year.

Gujarat Day is celebrated on 1 May. It is the foundation day for the state of Gujarat. It was formed on 1 May 1960. Often called ‘Jewel of Western India’, Gujarat has been on the global map since ancient times. It is said that even the Greeks knew about Gujarat.

Based on children and their interests, you can plan this day to have a lot of fun with your children and make this day a memorable one for them. Below is the list of fun ways to celebrate on Gujarat day.

·    Take a day trip to any nearby places/hill station and enjoy the beauty of Gujarat

·    Explore the city and visit famous places in your city.

·    Draw Map of Gujarat and colour different cities.

·    Watch Gujarati movies/songs and Listen to Kids Gujarati Songs/Rhymes.

·    This one gets the maximum laughs for sure! So Add fun to literacy with these funny tongue twisters for kids in the Gujarati Language.

Happy Gujarat Day!

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