National Doctors Day

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National Doctors Day

National Doctors Day is celebrated on 1 July every year.

National Doctors Day celebration has been marked as the day of respect for entire professional doctors who have made their outstanding efforts in saving the life of patients. This Day is celebrated every year all across India on 1 July to provide honour to the most famous and legendary physician as well as 2nd Chief Minister of the West Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy.

It is an excellent opportunity to celebrate Doctor's day by teaching your little with exciting activities. Read on to learn how.

1. Trace the body: Instruct your kid to lie down on a large sheet of paper and trace his body shape and ask your kid to colour different parts of his body by using different crayons.

2. Create Doctor's headband: Let your 5-year-old make headbands like a doctor by joining the ends of long white paper strips. Let him wear it on his head.

3. Make bandages: Provide your 5-year-old paper towels, glue, and white tissue paper rolls. Let your child wrap tissue paper around his hand or leg, creating a bandage.

4. Develop health posters: Create 'Eat Healthy Food' chart. Similarly, create posters stating wash hands before eating and cover your mouth while sneezing.

5. Make your kid doctor: Make your child wear Doctor's apron, stethoscope around his neck, and headband on his head. Tell him to examine other kids acting like a doctor.

Happy Doctor’s Day !

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