World Heart Day

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 World Heart Day

World Heart Day is celebrated on 29th September every year.

World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29 September. It is a global campaign during which individuals, families, communities, and governments around the world participate in activities to take charge of their heart health and that of others.

Celebrate this World Heart Day with your entire family, including your tiny tot. Here are ideas which you and your kids might enjoy:

1. Check out Hindi Tongue twisters on the app - Tongue twisters are very fun. It helps you to speak better and learn funny words.

2. Check out Hindi Story and Songs on the app 

3. Hindi Kids films are a great way to learn the Hindi language. Watch kids movie once a week regularly so that children develop an interest in learning the language.

4. Rapid Fire – You can play the rapid-fire game wherein you ask questions and your children answer them immediately but in Hindi.

5. Name, Place, Animal, Thing Game in Hindi – You say a Hindi letter out loud, and the children have to think of a name, a place, an animal and a thing is starting with that letter. If your child is not as advanced in Hindi, you may choose just one category, for example, just names.

6. Treasure hunt with riddles in Hindi – For this game, you have to prepare cues that lead to a treasure, which could be anything, some chocolates, a dessert, or a toy. Every level will have a riddle or a question from our app in Hindi, and the kids will have to give the right answer (in Hindi only) to move to the next level.

Happy World Heart Day!

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