Child does not make opposite gender friends

Contributed by : Palak Vyas, Dr Ajab Primuswala   
Child does not make opposite gender friends

A child's thought process is majorly influenced by the people around him/her.

Friendship is one of the pillars of living a happy life. If your child is not able to make friends in general, it might be because (s)he is an introvert. But if your child is choosy about the gender of his/her friends, it is a different issue altogether.

  • Parents also have an influence on children when it comes to making friends of the opposite gender. A lot of times parents pass comments like “You are a boy, why are you playing with girls?” and vice versa. Hence, consciously or unconsciously parents are responsible for developing gender bias in their tiny minds.
  • Be open-minded and let them be free.
  • Let them explore the possibilities and consequences rather than you imposing your learning on them.
  • Do not constrain their thinking and let them choose their friends on their own.
  • Avoid passing comments like “blue is the colour of boys and pink of girls” or “girls cry a lot but boys do not”. Such statements unconsciously make children bend towards their own gender.
  • Without your constant inputs, gradually they will learn to make friends of both the genders.
  • Friendship is about understanding and comfort. Everyone has a natural tendency to be comfortable around men, women, or both. So for the child also it's the same.

Unless you or the society doesn’t put this gender bias in their head, they treat everyone (either a girl or a boy) as equal.

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