Dressing your infant

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Dressing your infant

It can be difficult to dress up your little baby as they are constantly moving about. Keep you calm while doing so.

Whenever you dress or undress your baby, make sure you select a warm room which is comfortable and a soft and a spacious surface like a bed to lay your baby down.

  • If you are dressing your child just after a bath, apply lotion, cream or talcum powder as per the season.
  • Start with putting the nappy or diaper on your baby.
  • Dress your infant baby in a number of clothes you are wearing plus one more. That should work for most of the babies.
  • During winters, dress your baby in layers. If required, you can easily remove the layers one by one.
  • While you dress/undress your baby try talking or singing to them to distract them from any discomfort they may have while you are dressing them.
  • The whole time, be careful about baby’s neck and head.
  • If you are dressing your baby in a jumpsuit, unbutton or unzip it first and then put it below the baby to dress him/her.

Bee Suggestions

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