Emergency situation with children: Drowning

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Emergency situation with children: Drowning

Chances of drowning can be kept at the minimum by being completely prepared at all times.

Drowning can happen almost anywhere with any child, remember children can even drown in just an inch of water. Whenever you plan to take a trip which includes water activities, take proper precautions. You should keep an eye on the child at all times. If the child is too young, an adult should accompany him/her all the time. Take inflatables tubes with you which are very useful for young children.

Take the following measures in a drowning emergency:

  • Immediately pull the child out of water.
  • Start CPR quickly once the child in on floor – CPR is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, it is an emergency lifesaving procedure performed when the heart stops beating. Immediate CPR can double or triple chances of survival after cardiac arrest. CPR can be performed by Pushing hard and fast in the centre of the chest.
  • Keep your ear near the child’s mouth and check whether the child is breathing, if you feel air on your cheek and see the chest moving (not too fast) the situation can be under control.
  • If the child is not breathing, place the child on his/her back on floor or bench or any firm surface around& gently press the back
  • If you feel it is a head injury, try to move the entire portion (head, neck and spine) in full circle.
  • Put your mouth over the child’s mouth and blow in child’s mouth for a second, the child’s chest should blow up while you do this, repeat this if required.
  • It should be in the count of 2 blows followed by 30 chest compressions.
  • If it is a serious case of an emergency, repeat this until the emergency van arrives.

Bee Suggestions

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