Emergency situation with children: Natural disaster

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Emergency situation with children: Natural disaster

Natural disasters affect one and all. It is advisable to be best prepared.

  • Being a parent if you are keen to prepare your child for natural disasters, it is great!! Such occurrences are stressful and traumatic. Most of the events are such that we tend to forget a lot of things and sometimes even children or little negligence can have a significant impact on the lives of little ones. Hence, it is pertinent to prepare them for natural disasters and its after effects.
  • Plan in advance: National Climate Departments usually inform before the natural calamity is about to occur, which gives enough time to prepare for the calamity. Create an emergency plan with the family – like keeping a bag stuffed with salt, passport and first aid ready. It can be anything that is essential for survival, keep it ready and train your child to pick it in case of a natural disaster.
  • Train them to be safe: If you are living in a flat or an apartment, train your children to use the staircase in case of fire or earthquake. In case of earthquake train them to hide below a wooden table instead of jumping from the window or running around.
  • Stay near your kids: If you are informed about the natural calamity, keep your children around. Children get insecure about being left alone and getting separated from their parents/family. During natural disaster and after that, try to keep your children physically close to you.
  • Read about Natural Disasters: Even if the national agencies do not inform, you can prepare your child for natural disasters by reading books that explain about natural disasters and dealing with them.
  • Patience is a must: If you are affected by the natural disaster, try to be sensitive with your children. Instead of getting impatient about the situation, talk to them for a while as they too are into a trauma and need your help to come out of it.

Bee Suggestions

Emergency situation with children: Electric shock

Proper measures post the shock without panicking will be helpful. Stay calm and help your child in the best way you can.

Oral injury in children

Oral trauma refers to injuries to the mouth and/or teeth.

Nose related issues in kids

The nose is an essential part of our body. When there is a problem with your nose, your whole body can suffer.

Emergency situation with children: Falling down

Kids are curious individuals. No matter how much cautious you are, they are bound to fall and get an injury some or the other day. Maintain your cool and do the best that you can to comfort your child.

Nosebleed in children

When your child suddenly has blood running down from their nose, it can be startling. While nosebleeds in children seem dramatic, they’re not usually serious.

Emergency situation with children: Drowning

Chances of drowning can be kept at the minimum by being completely prepared at all times.

Burns and Scalds

Children have a more delicate skin than adults so burns and scalds affect them severely.

Fracture in children

Children break their bones either by falling or while playing a sport.

Choking in children

Choking is caused due to an object — usually food or a toy — getting stuck in the airway. Because of this, the air can't flow normally into or out of the lungs, so the child can't breathe properly.

Cuts and Scrapes in children

Most small cuts aren't a danger to children. But larger cuts often need immediate medical treatment.

Insect flying into child's ear

Apart from insects or flies, babies and young children are known to put small objects in their ears like candy and beans.

Dealing with ant bite in children

An ant bite usually goes unnoticed until some symptoms arise.

Eye injury in children

Most eye injuries are minor, like getting soap in the eye or a speck of dirt under the eyelid.

Bruises in children

When a part of the body is injured and blood from the damaged capillaries, with no place to go, gets trapped under the skin, forming a red or purplish mark called as a bruise.

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