Getting your child's ears' pierced

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Getting your child's ears' pierced

Get your child's ear pierced only if they like it.

This is absolutely your personal choice. In some cultures and traditions, it is compulsory to pierce the baby's ears. Whereas in some cases people do it just for fashion.

Certain points to keep in mind while getting your baby’s ears pierced:

  • If you want to get your daughter’s ear pierced, get it done at an early age. Because after she grows up, it will be difficult for you to stop her from touching her ears. If her hands are dirty and she constantly touches her ears, it can lead to infection.
  • Piercing should be done hygienically and by professionals only.
  • Do not use danglers at the time of piercing because they might get tangled in your baby’s dress and may worsen the pain.
  • Using gold and silver studs reduces chances of any allergic reactions.
  • After you have gotten your child’s ears pierced, do not make them wear very heavy earrings at a young age.

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