Helping a child cope with stress

Contributed by : Palak Vyas, Juhi Mishra   
Helping a child cope with stress

In times of stress, it is important to let your child know that you are there for them.

Helping your child to cope with moving anxiety:

  1. Prepare your kids by proper information beforehand.
  2. Let them ask questions and answer patiently.
  3. Answer them honestly and be prepared for a variety of reactions.
  4. If the place you are moving to a new place, take your child there and let them explore the new place.
  5. Encourage their opinions and participation. For example ask them which plants they would want in their new house.

Helping your child cope with stress:

1. Stop over scheduling their day:

Limit your child’s activities as per his age.

2. Make sleep a Priority:

See that your child has enough sleep, let there be quiet time in the afternoon where they can read, or listen to music, rest and relax.

3. Teach them how to listen to their body:

Consider asking them questions about how they feel whenever you see their energies are going down. This way they also stay aware about his body.

4. Prepare your kids to deal with mistakes:

You can prepare them by narrating your own experiences of how you made mistakes and how you deal with it, how you solved it or handled it calmly. They always model you.

5. Limit the use of technology:

Set time limits for using phones or watching television or playing video games. Overuse of technology makes child irritating.

6. Schedule relaxing activities:

You can also enrol your child for music, painting, sketching, swimming or yoga classes as per his choices and preferences.

7. Get help:

Any time you feel that your child looks over-stressed and none of the things are helping, take expert advice and consult a counselor.

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