Homeschooling vs Conventional Schooling

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Homeschooling vs Conventional Schooling

Conventional or regular schooling is when children go to an authorised school with other children to study as per the school norms and curriculum. While homeschooling is when the child is educated in the comfort of his/ her house.

It common for parents to wonder about which schooling system to got for their children. Following are some of the major differences between the two to help you decide which one to go for:

  • Academic Environment

In a regular school, children are exposed to an environment which is majorly controlled by the school.

Homeschooling gives an opportunity to control the learning environment by minimising distractions.

  • Individualised attention

In a regular school, one teacher is there to attend to 20-30 students at one time.

In a homeschool set-up there is an opportunity of one-on-one lessons.

  • Curriculum

In a regular school, the curriculum is pre-set.

In a homeschool set-up, the curriculum may be designed as per the requirement of the child.

  • Health and Safety

In a regular school set up, the children are exposed to various kinds of germs and illnesses. Also the safety is a concern as the parents are unable to be around in such a set-up.

Children in a homeschool set-up are saved from direct contact to diseases and germs. Also the safety of the child is under the parents’ control.

  • Social aspect

In a regular school, children get to meet, connect and socialise with children of their age.

In a homeschool set-up, the children may miss out on the socialisation component, if they are not made to mingle in group activities on a regular basis.

  • Travel

In a regular school, there may be very limited opportunities for the children to travel and learn.

Homeschool families may opt to travel together as a part of their education.

  • Mastery vs. grades

While in a regular school, grades may seem to be more important than the learning of a concept, hence, leading to mugging up of the content taught.

In a home school set-up, mastery is given more importance hence leading to life-long learning.

  • Religion

Religion may not be the focus of teaching and learning in a regular school.

Families may decide to take up religious studies as a part of their daily routine and also discuss science, literature and current happenings in the light of their religious beliefs in a homeschool set-up.

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