Managing sibling insecurity

Contributed by : Asha Lalwani, Juhi Mishra   
Managing sibling insecurity

Every child needs full attention of a parent. So, pause and reflect on your parenting to make sure none of your children feel left out.

Every child needs full attention of a parent. While you are busy with the younger one, your elder child will experience a range of emotions, from excitement to jealousy or may be responsible and caring. In order to seek your attention, the elder child may show more tantrums or misbehave or refuse to eat. These emotions are short-lived but if not addressed well can have lasting impact on a child’s mind.

Here are a few ways to make sure that your elder child does not feel neglected:

  • Let them not feel left out: Take an extra care to ensure that the elder child never feels neglected (unintentionally though). Ask their suggestions for picking up clothes for newborn, choosing the toys for little one and more. Make sure you spend equal time with both the kids
  • Avoid giving excuses: Never make the younger one an excuse for not attending the elder child – “we can’t go to the park/playground as the baby is sleeping” “Keep quiet the baby will wake up” “After I attend the baby, I will listen to you” Instead tell him/her , “ We will play together when the baby wakes up, We will go to the park together May be giving a hope and the feeling of togetherness will help the child.
  • Pay more attention: Express extra care and love for elder one, increase your daily hugs and play some games or increase story time for the elder one.
  • Avoid comparing: This comes unintentionally but it can have a strategic impact on a child’s mind. Little things like who crawled first, child’s weight or who walked first can be taken as criticism by the elder one.

Ensure both the children get equal attention and feel loved.

Bee Suggestions

Dealing with child's habit of stealing things

Children do not understand the concept of "stealing" so instead of dealing with this situation using your anger, it is better to sit with your child and make him/her understand why they should not be doing this.

Dealing with Violent Behaviour among Children

Even your child is aware that hitting is not the right thing. You just need to pin point the problem and solve it.

Dealing with a stubborn child

All humans are stubborn, more or less. That does not mean you cannot teach your child to put their foot down and patiently listen to what the other person has to say.

Promoting child’s self esteem

Self esteem or self confidence plays a huge role in an individual's life. Encouraging a child's confidence at the right time can do wonders.

Child does not play alone

If a child is not playing alone, it does not mean (s)he is an introvert child, there can be other reasons as well.

Child does not tolerate others

Intolerance is not the same as possessiveness. It might have underlying reasons.

Teaching child to be a good listener

Children model their parents the most. Develop the listening skill yourself and then help the child to achieve the same.

Being patient with child’s numerous questions.

When a toddler asks you a question, either it comes out of curiosity or it could be just attention seeking. Whatever is the case, it is always best to feed your child's curiosity and give them undivided attention.

Dealing with Thumb sucking habit

A regular habit or not, thumb sucking can cause problems in a child's speech.

Child does not share toys

Most kids are possessive by nature. Observe carefully where there possession ends.

Dealing with an introvert child

A child will always stay true to his/her nature. Nonetheless, there is always room for changes and improvements.

Sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry is an age-old problem and get can be addressed easily if done at the right time.

Teaching child not to back answer

Back answering is not just a misbehaviour of your child. There might be underlying reasons for that.

Dealing with a disobedient child

Before assuming that your child is a disobedient child, assess what according to you is disobedience.

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