Raising a single child

Contributed by : Asha Lalwani, Juhi Mishra   
Raising a single child

Raising a single child is absolutely alright; do not let the external pressure affect you.

Raising a single child is absolutely alright; do not let the external pressure and guilt affect you. You can raise an only child with good attributes of sharing and negotiation. You might be worried about loneliness but friends are often a new family.

Following points will help you to raise your single child in a fulfilling way:

  • Instil social skills by frequent interactions with neighbours and close family members regularly.
  • Help your child become self reliant, share daily chores; this will keep them occupied and make them independent.
  • Talk to them often, try to be best friends and do crazy stuff with your toddler. Like pretend play, cycling, clay moulding or racing.
  • Let them have play dates or you can also think of enrolling them in weekend sessions for dance, music or sports. Engage them in age appropriate activities.
  • Ensure an hour is spent outdoors or in outdoor play areas (parks and gardens).
  • Once in a while, plan a family outing to the nearest zoo, water-park, amusement-park, etc.

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