Resolving sleep talking problems

Contributed by : Asha Lalwani   
Resolving sleep talking problems

Sleep talking is common among children. It is not as serious as sleep walking habit and it can be resolved easily.

Sleep talking is common among children. Sleep talking can be due to:

  • Uneven sleep cycle
  • Excitement
  • Worry
  • Guilt
  • Physical illness
  • Hereditary

Sleep talking among children is not a major cause of concern, however it is important to treat it. Here is how you can reduce or eliminate it:

  • Make bed time free from stress, talk to your child about things that are affecting their behaviour. Communication can help them relieve stress and sleep without worries.
  • Regular exercises can also help the child sleep well without disruptions.
  • No sugar or caffeine at night.
  • Maintain a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Don’t wake your child while he/she is sleep talking. They will follow instructions while sleeping and you can calm them gently and guide them to go back to sleep. Waking them will make it harder to go back to sleep.

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