Selecting the right diapers for your baby

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Selecting the right diapers for your baby

Diapers affect the mood of your child if they are not comfortable in them.

The common parameters to keep in mind while selecting a diaper is price, practicality, size, ease of usage, eco-friendly, scented/unscented, baby’s response, and a cloth or disposable.

Keeping in mind a few points can clear your confusion which brands or what type of diaper should you prefer for your baby:

  1. Do not buy first diapers in bulk. First of all try handful of brands and experience what fits your child best and is it comfortable or not. Is it budget-friendly? Once you are clear, bulk buying is cost-effective. Also, keep in mind the size and weight of your baby and his/her growth while bulk buying.
  2. Diaper should have maximum absorbency. This depends on a chemical ingredient called super absorbent polymer, which is used in almost all kinds of diapers. It is considered to be safe and non-toxic.
  3. Ensure the diaper fits your baby perfectly because different brands although mentioning the same size may have different fittings. Keep in mind the baby’s size and weight before selecting any diaper. The material should be soft and should conform to the body nicely. Avoid diapers that are stiffer and leave gaps.
  4. Edges and seams should feel seamless to avoid skin rashes and irritation as baby’s skin is very sensitive.
  5. While you research, you also come across green diapers. These diapers claim to have undergone chlorine-free processing, use renewable resources, minimal packaging and use biodegradable materials. If the above measures and points comply with these ones, there is no problem in using them.
  6. Another good option is a cloth diaper. They need to be washed and dried. They don’t come in wide sizes but have adjustable pins and straps.
  7. You can also select from scented and unscented products. Scented diapers are considered safe unless your baby is hypersensitive to fragrance. If you want to avoid a few more chemicals, opt for unscented ones.

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