Travelling with a child in an airplane

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Travelling with a child in an airplane

Air travel with kids can be challenging for parents of young children. Be patient with them as they are always on the quest of exploring new things.

Air travel with kids can be challenging for parents of young children. But, remember they are exploring every time they experience a unique situation they are sure to react.

Here are some tricks that can help you to keep your calm and happy during the travel:

  • Some children, even adults experience pain in ears while take off if that is the case with your child give them a glass of warm water and guide them to sip it slowly this will help to reduce the pain. Keep talking to them and never insert ear buds in this situation.
  • You can also keep a surprise toy in the hand bag and give them a surprise, this will keep them busy throughout the transit.
  • Have some story books with you, read them a story or you can tell them stories about the place you are visiting, people you will meet etc.
  • If the child is on breast feed, give them proper just before the flight. If the child is hungry he/she is sure to get cranky due to delayed feedings.

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