Travelling with a child in bus

Contributed by : Palak Vyas, Ravina Sewani   
Travelling with a child in bus

It can get difficult to manage young children in a bus but the situation can always be managed.

You can take the following precautions while boarding a bus with a baby:

  • Getting on the bus: Always wear flat and comfortable footwear. Dress your baby in a comfortable dress. While getting on the bus, make sure the bus is at a complete halt. People are always supportive towards women with babies so take help if required but at the same time stay alert about suspicious people.
  • Board a bus that is not so crowded: It is risky when there are too many people on the bus. If you aren’t in a hurry you can wait for a bus that's a little less crowded. You or your baby can get hurt or elbowed in a crowded bus and the baby can get cranky seeing too many people around. Put your baby into a harness or strap him/her to your torso.
  • Grab a good seat, preferably near window: Usually babies enjoy window seats as they can keep watching live action out of the window, the moving buses, autos, birds, greenery - this all can keep your baby busy .You can keep the glass closed to protect from dirt, dust, smoke and loud noises. Hold your baby firmly when the window is open.
  • Stay alert: Yes! Any public transport can be a little tricky one because there are more chances of a woman being molested and groped in a crowded bus. So, stay alert. Raise your voice if you find any suspicious person doing something inappropriate. Preferably sit around families having women and children around. Keep your phone handy. Always stay ready with pepper spray. Trust your guts before trusting anyone else.
  • Have something to entertain your baby: Before boarding the bus see that your child is well rested and well fed. Change his diaper so (s)he feels fresh. If your baby is old enough to eat, you can take some dry snacks along like cornflakes or roasted peanuts and popcorn packets, so the baby stays distracted and doesn’t make a fuss. You can carry a picture book if the journey is of long hours or play good music or rhymes. After a short while babies tend to sleep in a moving bus just like elders.
  • So don’t worry and board your bus.

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