Travelling with a child in car

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Travelling with a child in car

Car travelling is the trickiest of all with a child. It is better to travel by car when the distances are short.

Following measures can help you have a cosy and comfy car ride with your child:

  1. Choose a good quality comfortable and safe car seat for your child.
  2. Ensure the baby is comfortable in his/her clothes. It should neither be too hot nor too cold for the baby. See that the baby has a fresh diaper and (s)he is comfortable in it.
  3. You can play good music like relaxation music/rhymes/ lullabies, anything that your child prefers. Take his toy basket or just few toys along. This will keep your baby happily engaged for some time.
  4. Keep his/her pacifiers handy.
  5. If the child is in the back seat one of the persons can go there and play with the child.
  6. Hand a toy to your child when (s)he seems to cry. That will pacify him/her for some time.
  7. You should try and select a time where it is actually baby’s sleep timing so the child sleeps in the car and is well rested when it’s time to play.
  8. Let there be some swinging toys. Babies love watching it.
  9. You can also take a photo album or picture books along to keep them engaged.
  10. Ensure there is enough food and water plus there is fresh air to breathe so keep the window slightly rolled down for air.

Note: It’s more difficult to travel by car with a baby than by bus or train as cars don’t allow much movement. A child tends to get crankier in a car because of this. So it is better to travel by bus/train whenever possible.

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