Urination in bed

Contributed by : Palak Vyas, Dr Aliraza Khunt   
Urination in bed

Urinating in bed can be avoided by not giving fluids before bed but sometimes it has underlying psychological reasons as well.

  • Normally babies stop wetting beds when they are 2 or 2.5 years old. And if any child is wetting beds even after 2.5 years, the parent can wait till 5 years.
  • If bed wetting continues after 5 years, then in the beginning, the doctor will usually give them behavioural treatment and by following that most of the problems get solved.
  • But if the child continues to urinate in bed at 6 or 7 years also, then the parent should consult a specialist and do as per doctor’s advice.
  • If the family has a history of such a condition, there are more chances for the child to have this problem.

As per the behavioural treatment given by the doctor:

1. The child should not be given any fluids or liquids after 6 PM including sweet drinks, water, lassi, soda, buttermilk, milk etc.

2. The child should be asked to urinate just before bed and even after sleeping, the parent is supposed to take the child to the toilet after 1- 2 hours.

  • Urinating in bed is a combination of both physiological and psychological issue.
  • Child should be made mentally strong by counselling and talking to them. They should be asked to wash their undergarments or bed-sheets which they had spoilt. By doing this, they will feel conscious and stay aware about it.
  • You can appreciate your child by putting star-marks in the calendar for the nights (s)he didn’t wet the bed. The child can be asked to use the affirmations like “I won’t urinate in bed tonight” for 20 times.
  • If the problem continues even after these efforts, the doctors might suggest an alternative treatment.

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