Weaning off pacifiers and milk bottles

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Weaning off pacifiers and milk bottles

Pacifiers and milk bottles if not weaned off at the right age, can last up to many years.

As a parent you can follow following steps to successfully wean off your child of pacifiers:

  • Step 1: Start by not having a pacifier handy throughout the day when they want one, it could be a little hard in the beginning but continue your efforts. Let others in the house as well as caregivers know that you are trying to wean off your child of pacifiers so they can support you.

  • Step 2: Offer a comforting substitute such as a special toy, stuffed animal or blanket. At bed time, begin emphasising the need for the substituted object over the pacifier. For example: Where is your Bunny? Let’s get him to sleep with us.

  • Step 3: Once they have successfully reduced the use of pacifier, introduce the idea to your child that now they are a big boy/girl. They don’t need a pacifier anymore and let’s give them to someone who needs- some little baby around or say some squirrel or birdie.

  • Step 4: Use positive reinforcement, that is, by praising your child when he / she has successfully gone without pacifier.

FUN FACT: Sucking is an instinct and sometimes occurs even before birth.

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