Weather and clothing

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Weather and clothing

Dress your baby in a way that (s)he remains cheery all the time.

The best guideline is this simple one: Dress your newborn in the same number of layers you’re wearing yourself, plus one.

For winters:

  • Think layers. It’s always best to layer baby’s clothing, which traps heat between the layers. Thin cotton clothes work well, maybe a long sleeved shirt and pants or even a snowsuit if your little one is going to be in very cold temps. Cover up. Make sure that your baby is completely covered from head-to-toe. Make sure you have gloves, a woollen cap, thick socks and snow boots handy in times of the need.
  • Don’t forget blankets outside. If you’re headed out in the stroller, his plus-one layer can be a blanket and/or his stroller’s rain cover, which will keep out the elements and keep in some heat.
  • Beware of overheating. Babies dressed in too many layers (of blankets or clothing) are at greater risk for overheating and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). If you’ve been out, remove your baby’s winter clothes as soon as you come inside (yes, even if (s)he is asleep!).

For warmer weather dress your baby accordingly:

  • Reduce the number of layers: When the sun is out and temperature is warm, use lighter fabrics that are breathable. Allowing your baby’s body to breathe and not get too hot.
  • Choose Quality Fabrics: Focus on purchasing quality fabrics that are less likely to irritate your baby’ skin. Cotton is usually the recommended fabric because it allows the baby’s skin to breathe easily.
  • Choose Loose clothing: Always opt for loose fitted clothing that will allow your baby’s skin to breathe. It has been found that tight fitting clothes don’t give ample space for your little ones sensitive skin to breathe. They are more likely to break out in a rash because of overheating.
  • When shopping take note of the tags and what the material of your baby’s clothing is made of.

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