A greedy dog

Contributed by : Ravina Sewani   
A greedy dog

This is a story of dutch, dog and water.

Moral(s) of the story: foolishness and greediness

Once there was a dog. He wandered from door-to-door. One day he stole a place of meat from a butcher’s shop. He ran away with it.

He ran out of the town. There was a stream close by. It was a good place for him to enjoy the piece of meat. When he was passing over the plank, he saw his reflection in the water. He thought it was another dog with a larger piece of meat. He was very greedy. His mouth watered. He wanted to get that piece also.

He barked at the dog in the water. When he opened his mouth, his own piece of meat fell into the water. He was very sad. He repented over his folly. But it was too late.

Moral: Greediness is always punished.

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