A Nice Quiet Picnic

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A Nice Quiet Picnic

This is a story of Oswald.

Moral(s) of the story: friendship

It was a bright sunny day. Oswald said to his friend Henry “It is a wonderful day. Let’s go on a picnic, it will be fun.” “Yes, it is a perfect day to go on a picnic” said Henry excitedly. Oswald took his pet Winnie and a picnic mat along with him. Henry took three pickle sandwiches for all of them and some napkins along with him.

They happily left for the picnic. They went to the park and found the perfect spot for their picnic. “Come on, Winnie. Let us spread out the picnic blanket” said Oswald. Winnie took one side of the blanket in her mouth and helped Oswald spread the blanket. After that Henry kept three napkins for three of them and said, “We are all set.” Oswald curiously said, “Oh boy, now let us eat sandwiches.” “Not now Oswald, it is too early” replied Henry. “Okay. So, do you want to play ball then?” Oswald asked Henry. “No, I will read my newspaper” replied Henry.

So, Oswald played ball with Winnie and Henry read his newspaper. After some time, Oswald saw Daisy passing by. He said, “Hey Henry, look there’s Daisy. Let’s invite her to our picnic.” Henry replied, “Oh Oswald but there’s only enough food for three.” “But we can share,” said Oswald and invited Daisy to join them. Henry took out another napkin and kept it for daisy. Oswald again asked, “Is it time for lunch yet Henry?” “No,” said Henry. “Okay, till then we will play ball. Come on Daisy, let us play ball.”

Henry took his newspaper and started reading while Oswald and Daisy played with the ball. After a while, Oswald saw Pongo and said, “Let us tell Pongo to join us.” “But there is not enough food, Oswald,” said Henry. “But we will share the food,” said Oswald. He invited Pongo for the picnic. They all played with the ball and Henry read his newspaper.

After a while, Oswald saw Madam Butterfly and Katrina and decided to invite them as well. Henry was a little worried about the food, but Oswald said they will share it. Oswald excitedly asked Henry, “Is it time to eat yet, Henry?”. “No, it's too early” replied Henry. So, they continued playing.

Oswald saw twin brothers Edward & Leo and said, “Hey, Edward and Leo come, join us.” “We cannot invite them Oswald, there is barely enough food,” said Henry. “But we can share,” said Oswald. “We cannot have three sandwiches between 9 people” replied Henry with disappointment. Daisy added, “I think Henry is right Oswald, we cannot share three sandwiches among nine people.” To which Pongo said, “I usually eat three sandwiches by myself.” “So, we can get more food,” said Oswald. “But from where?” questioned Henry.

Everyone was thinking about how they can get more food. Daisy said with a sudden voice, “I can get some apples from that tree”. “That would be great” replied Oswald. After that Pongo said, “Even I know how we can get a bunch of walnuts.” This way everyone found some food. Madam butterfly found some dandelions and twin brothers found some grapes, strawberries, and tomatoes. When everyone came with the stuff they found, Henry was a little surprised. He said, “Woah, now we have enough food. Now, it will be fun,”

They all ate a lot of food and had a great time together. Everyone said “Thank You” to Henry for throwing an amazing picnic. Henry said, “We all ate a lot of food. The only thing left now is three pickle sandwiches.” Everyone with a surprised voice said, “Oh”. “Don’t worry Henry, we can have another picnic tomorrow” said Oswald with a smile. Everyone laughed and were grateful for an amazing day.

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