A Roaring Rescue

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A Roaring Rescue

This is a story of Bible, Daniel and Darius.

Bible is the collection of 66 books written by different authors describing the God's action and purpose with all creations. Bible contains life stories of Jesus. The bible gives the messages God has desired for us to understand. Following is a story from “The Bible”.

Babylon was ruled by King Darius. He had appointed several men as advisors, soldiers and various ministers. Daniel was appointed as the leader of advisors. He was a religious man who had immense faith in Christ. But others did not like Daniel and wanted to get him removed from the position.

They devised a plan and approached the king. The plan was to convince the king to make a new law saying, people of Babylon should only pray to the King Darius. If any person is found offering prayers to someone other than King Darius, they will be punished and thrown into the lion's den.

Daniel was aware of the new law but could not stop himself from offering his prayers to God. He was also very dear to King Darius but when the other men complained about Daniel's prayers, the king had no choice but to punish Daniel.

King Darius punished Daniel by imprisoning him in the lion's den, but said ëMay your God rescue you Daniel.í Daniel showed no signs of worry and started offering his prayers to Christ.

On the following day, King Darius visited the den and asked if Daniel was doing ok. Daniel was delighted to see that the king was concerned about him and replied, saying, ìMy lord majesty, my God has shut the mouths of lions and kept me safe.î Hearing this, King Darius opened the door and set Daniel free. Everyone was surprised to see Daniel come out safe and healthy.

King Darius punished the men who schemed against Daniel and issued a decree stating that the people of Babylon must fear the God of Daniel.


God is mightier than any of our fears. Therefore, trusting and honouring the almighty will ensure we are on the right path in life.

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