Abdul Kalam and the lesson of equality

Contributed by : Yesha Desai   
Abdul Kalam and the lesson of equality

This is a story of Abdul Kalam and equality.

Moral(s) of the story: friendship

wThe first time Abdul Kalam went to school, he met a loud little boy. He was the son of the villager's prime Pujari. His loud, outgoing personality and Kalam's shy self were opposite but they soon became best friends. Between playing and homework, they became inseparable. In school they always sat together. 

One day, it was announced that they will be having a new maths teacher. Kalam and his friend were very excited because they loved maths. Next day, the new teacher arrived. He was very intelligent and was also a very good teacher. But he had one problem. He had a problem with Abdul Kalam, a Muslim boy, being friends with a Hindu Pujari's son.

He asked Kalam to go and sit behind. Kalam did not understand the discrimination but he agreed. This went on for a few days and the Pujari's son did not like this one bit. He wanted to spend time with his friend, he saw no difference. He did not feel like he was above his friend because of his birth.

Similarly, Abdul could not understand why he was not allowed to spend time with his best-friend. After all, what does religion matter?

One day, both the children told their parents about this teacher. Their parents confronted the teacher and explained that all religions are equal and no one is above anyone, they do not have a problem with their children being friends.

The teacher finally apologised to the children and learnt his lesson.

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