Alice in the Wonderland

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Alice in the Wonderland

This is a story of Alice, rabbit and wonderland.

One day, Alice was sitting on a bench with her sister. She had nothing to do and she was very bored. As she was sitting, she saw a rabbit passing by. The rabbit was instantly checking his watch and was in a hurry. It seemed the rabbit was running late.

Alice wanted to know where the rabbit was going so she decided to follow the rabbit. She followed the rabbit and went down the hole. There she found a bottle with a note. The note said, “Drink me”. Alice was very curious to know what was in the drink. She opened the bottle and started drinking. After drinking she felt something strange. She found herself shrinking. She became so small that she could go through a small door in the room. Alice opened the door and went inside it. There she found a lovely garden and went inside it.

She went for a walk in the garden. There she met a caterpillar who was sitting on a large mushroom. The caterpillar was smoking a water pipe. Alice inhaled the smoke from the caterpillar and she saw the world shifting into different shapes and colours. It was very strange. Luckily it did not last for long.

After some time, she found herself at a tea party with the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and the rabbit. They were fighting with the time and that is it is always 6’O clock in the afternoon there.

While walking ahead, Alice met three gardeners who were painting roses red because they accidentally planted white roses. After some time, the queen of hearts came into the garden with her guards. They all were going to play croquet. They used hedgehogs for balls, flamingos for mallets and soldiers for hoops.

After some time, the queen got the news that someone had stolen her tarts. The queen became very angry and started looking for the culprit. Suddenly, she saw Alice and thought she was the culprit. The queen asked, “Have you stolen my tarts?” Alice became very nervous and denied. Then, Alice started growing again and the queen believed that she was the culprit. The queen ordered her guards to keep Alice in the prison. Alice cried loudly and said, “I have not stolen the tarts, please let me go.”

Suddenly, Alice woke up on the bench next to her sister and realized that it was all a dream.

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