Apple’s journey to finding its place in this world

Contributed by : Yesha Desai   
Apple Story

This is a story of apple, cherry, grapes, mango, orange, peach and strawberry.

Inside a fruit bowl, there were many fruits of all shapes and sizes, from yellow bananas to pink strawberries. There were apples, grapes, cherries, oranges, mangoes and peaches.

They were all raised in the same bowl and were excellent friends. But soon, the day came when they had to find their own homes and what they wanted to do in their lives.

The orange decided that he wanted to help make orange juice, the cherries wanted to be toppings on sweets, the peaches wanted to be used in body washes, the grapes decided that they wanted to make wine, the bananas wanted to make bread. The strawberries wanted to be pretty. Mangoes did not have to do anything because they were the Kings.

The apple was conflicted. What was he meant to do? What was his goal in life? What was his calling? He wondered if he would ever find out.

He went to the factory to be a juice, but he was very scared. He went to the farm to give his seeds, but they didn’t need them. He went to the shop to get sold to a human, but they would skip past him. He went to the candy maker to become a candy, but they refused.

The apple was very worried. What would happen to him now?

In the end, he went to an artist to create a still life drawing, but he had to stay still, which he couldn’t do it.

Disheartened, he returned to the fruit bowl.

There he was surprised to see his friends. Why were they here? Had they not found their place?

The banana said, “They said my butt was too spoiled to be used in a pie. There were lots of oranges, and they did not need this one to make juice.

The grapes were back because only seedless grapes can be used to make wine. The peaches were refused too. There is no use for any of us. What will we do now?”

All the fruits panicked together. What will happen now? What about their future?

The strawberries rolled their eyes, and finally, the mango spoke up to give them some wisdom, “Shut up, you fools and sit down quietly in the bowl.

You will be just fine. The mother will force her children to eat you sooner or later. Stop worrying.”

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