Bub the bubble and his friends

Contributed by : Yesha Desai   
Bub the bubble and his friends

This is a story of bubble, car, cat, friend and sun.

Bub was born in the bubble soap liquid along with his brothers and sisters. He had always waited to be set free in the real world and enjoy with his friends.

His dream came true when a human blew from the bubble soap. Soon Bub and his friends were set free in the wild, wild world. Bub was very excited to see the world for the first time.

His friends were equally excited too. Bub flew over a tree and met beautiful birds. The tree waved at him.

He flew over a river and the river smiled at him. The fish came up to meet him. Bub was delighted. Bub almost crashed into a car as he flew near to the ground but the car driver put Bub’s safety first.

Bub got chased by a cat and their screaming never stopped. He was so scared for his life but he escaped. Then Bub flew high above the ground and could see kids in the ferris wheel, they excitedly blew at him so he could go further.

Bub smiled.

He was so high above the ground and he had the best day ever. The sun welcomed him as he went higher.

Bub had an amazing day. He saw the world, he made people happy, he made some new friends, lost some old ones along the way but he had a lot of fun.

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