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This is a story Christmas, Jesus Christ and Santa Claus.

The celebrations of Christmas Eve start from 25th December and last till New Year.


The birth of Jesus Christ is an event of utmost importance to the followers of Christianity. It is believed that God had sent his son on earth in the form of Jesus as a sacrifice to free the people from their sins. People believed that Jesus was born to save all humans from going to hell. People attend church services on Christmas day. The day is made colourful by decorations.

People buy Christmas trees and decorate it with lights, flowers, garlands, stars, gifts, etc. People enjoy time with their family and friends on Christmas day. Santa Claus, a mythological figure who is believed to fulfil the wishes of the children is awaited on the night of December 24th. Children curiously wait for Santa Claus and their gifts.

The main celebration of the festival starts on 24th December which is known as Christmas Eve. The celebrations continue till the New year. The festival spreads the message of Peace, Love, Harmony, and Brotherhood. 

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