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This is a story of cinderella, prince and sandal.

Moral(s) of the story: confidence and courage

Once, a beautiful girl named Cinderella used to live with her evil stepmother and two stepsisters. Her stepmother was very rude to her. She did not like Cinderella and would tell her to do every household work. The mother did not use to give any work to Cinderella’s stepsisters. Cinderella used to do every work and her stepsisters used to roam around in their expensive dresses.

A letter came to their house one day which said that the king had arranged a ball in which his son, ‘The Prince’ will choose a girl as his wife, every girl in the kingdom must be aware of it. After reading the letter, everyone was excited to attend the ball. Cinderella was also excited and wanted to go to the ball. She asked for permission from her stepmother. To which her mother replied, “You can go only if you complete all the household work on time and would help your sisters to choose their dresses for the ball.” Cinderella got excited and worked as fast as she could. Unfortunately, she could not complete all the household work and stayed at home disappointed.

She felt very bad and ran to the garden. She sighed, “Wishes are never fulfilled.” A voice came behind saying, “Never my dear”. Cinderella looked up and saw a little woman. The woman had a magic wand in her hand. She had a big smile on her face. The little woman was Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

The Fairy wanted to help Cinderella to reach the ball. The fairy waved her wand. With that Cinderella was dressed like a princess. The fairy gave her a new dress, glass sandals, and a black horse to reach the ball. Cinderella was shocked to see this. The fairy then said that the magic will last till midnight. She told her to come back before that.

With the pretty dress and black horse, Cinderella reached the palace. Everyone was shocked to see Cinderella. She looked the prettiest in the ball. She looked beautiful and different than usual. Her stepsisters were stunned and could not recognize her. When the prince saw Cinderella, he fell in love with her instantly. The prince danced with her all night. Everyone was jealous of her. The Cinderella was busy in the ball that she almost forgot what fairy had told her. While dancing when she saw the time and realized the fairy’s words, she quickly left the palace and, in all hurry, she forgot one of the glass sandals at the palace.

The prince was impressed by Cinderella’s beauty and fell in love. He wanted to marry her and was curious to know where she came from. He ordered his servants to find the girl. He told them to go to every house and find the girl whose foot matched the glass sandals. The two stepsisters tried their best to insert their feet into the sandals but failed. But when Cinderella tried the sandal, her feet completely fit into it. Prince recognized Cinderella and asked to marry him. They finally got married and lived a happy life.


Have courage and believe in yourself even in times of adversity.

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