How Mehek learned her lesson

Contributed by : Yesha Desai   
How Mehek learned her lesson

This is a story of daughter, mother and school.

Moral(s) of the story: discipline

On a fine monday morning, Mehek, a nine year old, was sleeping comfortably in her room.

Mondays were usually hard for her, especially after the comfort and laziness of the weekend. So when her mother came to wake her up, she cuddled into her bedsheets.

“Wake up and get ready quickly!” Her mother pleaded for the hundredth time that morning but Mehek just whined and did not obey.

After much hustle and begging the bus driver to wait for one more minute, Mehek’s mother had succeeded in getting her daughter to school on time. Mehek came home, chattering about the sports competition next day. Despite her mother’s constant reminding, she procrastinated all her other chores. That day her mother decided that Mehek needed to learn a lesson.

The next day, she just asked Mehek to wake up once. When she did not listen, Mehek’s mother left. The quiet of the house was very welcoming to every member and thus it was around 9 o’ clock that Mehek finally woke up.

When she did, she panicked and ran to her mother, “Ma! Why did you not wake me? Where are my clothes? My shoes? My food? I have a sports competition today.”

Mehek realised that she had done none of her daily tasks, and this time her mother did not do them for her.

Seeing her daughter’s tearful gaze, her mother said, “We can still make it to your competition. But do you promise to be disciplined and finish your tasks on time?”

Mehek nodded, “Yes, Ma.”


It is important to have discipline in your daily life. You can not rely on others for your work.

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