Jesus walks on water

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Jesus walks on water

This is a story from Bible about Jesus Christ and one of his many miracles.

Bible is the collection of 66 books written by different authors describing the God's action and purpose with all creations. Bible contains life stories of Jesus. The bible gives the messages God has desired for us to understand. Following is a story from “The Bible”.

A long time ago, Jesus was travelling on a boat with his disciples. He asked them to wait for him in the boat while he went up to a mountain to pray. As the disciples waited in the boat for Jesus, a strong storm blew the boat away to the middle of the sea. The disciples tried hard to take the boat back to the shore but failed.

Due to the heavy storm, the boat moved very far from Jesus. The disciples were worried about Jesus and thought about what they could do to get their master to the boat. Suddenly they saw a man walking on the water. Disciples thought that a man was about to drown and they panicked. But it was Jesus and he did not drown instead he walked over the water and reached the boat safely.

Seeing Jesus, Peter who was one of his disciples asked if he could also walk on water. Jesus said yes, as long as he kept Jesus as his focus. Peter too was walking on the water but the moment he took his eye off the Jesus and concentrated on waves, he began to sink. Jesus grabbed Peter and saved him. Finally, the disciples realised that Jesus was the Son of God.


Make God your focus, not your problems.

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