King Solomon

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King Solomon

This is a story of Jesus and King Solomon.

Bible is the collection of 66 books written by different authors describing the God's action and purpose with all creations. Bible contains life stories of Jesus. The bible gives the messages God has desired for us to understand. Following is a story from “The Bible”.

Long ago, the kingdom of Israel was ruled by King David. King David worked very hard for Israel. Israel became a powerful country under his rule than it was under King Saul’s reign. With time, David became old and weak. He knew his end was near.

One of David’s son Adonijah wanted to become the next king. His name meant, “My lord is God.” He was not a good person. He was cruel. Knowing that his father’s health is weak, he even tried to steal his throne. David was very worried. He wanted his kingdom to be led by a good man. David’s wife got an idea and recommended their son Solomon to be the next king.

David liked the idea and agreed. He called a meeting and declared his son Solomon as the next king. People happily accepted Solomon as their king as David had recommended.

David advised Solomon to walk in God’s path. With that, he would prosper in whatever he did. Soon, after David died, at one night, Solomon had a dream and, in that dream, a voice said, “What do you want?” Solomon replied that he wanted wisdom to become a good king for the kingdom. Solomon was blessed and was granted what he wished for.

After a few days, two women entered the palace’s court. Both of the women were arguing over a small baby boy. They both said that they were the mothers. They had come to the king for a remedy. One of the women screamed, “This woman’s baby died in the night. Then she switched her baby with mine. I am the mother of this baby.”

The other woman screamed, “No, this one is mine.” They started arguing. The king got an idea. The wise King said, “Bring me a sword.” The sword was brought.

The King then said, “Cut the child with the sword and divide it into two pieces. Give one piece to each woman.” Hearing the King’s order, one of the women started crying and said, “Please do not do that Lord, the baby will die. Give the child to her but do not kill him.” whereas the other said, “Okay, that is good. This way no one will get the baby.”

The King at that very moment took his order back and gave the baby to the first woman. Then he said, “A mother would never let her baby die.” The woman was very happy to get his baby and all of them realised that their king was very wise. All the people were happy that they got a wise king for their kingdom.

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