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This is a story of Moana and courage.

Moral(s) of the story: courage and bravery

In the Motunui island, there lived a beautiful little girl named Moana. When kids of her age loved toys and chocolates, she had huge affection towards the ocean. She always loved the ocean. The other thing she loved was listening to Gramma Tala’s stories. From the stories, Moana’s favourite was the story about the trickster demigod Maui. In the story, Maui stole the heart of the mother island, TeFiti. Maui upset the balance of nature by stealing the heart according to Gramma.

Little Moana’s affection and deep connection with the ocean scared her family. Her father, Chief Tui believed that the ocean was dangerous. Moana always felt a deep connection with all the creatures that belonged to the ocean. But the islanders were not allowed to sail beyond the bank. The ocean noticed the affection of Moana and gave a special gift to her. When her dad picked her, Moana dropped the gift. The gift was Gramma Tala. Someone else picked the gift dropped by Moana. She believed that the ocean’s real gift was the heart of TeFiti.

When Moana grew up, she worked hard for her people and followed her father’s rules. But one day, when Moana turned sixteen, Gramma Tala took her aside and said that it was time for her to learn what she was meant to be. Gramma took her to a hidden cavern full of ancient canoes. Moana started drumming the canoes and she could feel the spirit of her ancestors who were the way-finders-voyagers on the ocean.

The last wish of Gramma Tala was that Moana goes to the journey across the ocean and find Maui to restore the heart of TeFiti. By keeping the heart safe inside her necklace, Moana got ready to sail the ocean. Sailing on the ocean was difficult for Moana and it became worse when a storm hit the ocean.

Moana met Maui the demigod when her boat reached on a faraway island. Maui was not as per the expectations of the Moana. He even stole Moana’s boat and tried to sail away. But the ocean made sure that Moana accompanied him. The ocean wanted them to work together.

He promised her to return the heart of TeFiti only if she helped him in finding his magic fishhook. To get the fishhook, they had to pass Kakamora, an army of wild coconut-clad thieves. After that, they had to dive into the Lalotai, the kingdom of monsters. Moana smartly tricked a crab monster named Tamatoa and they recovered the missing fishhook.

Maui taught Moana how to find way using the sun, the stars, the moon, and the ocean current to navigate. On the way to reach TeFiti, the journey became too difficult, Gramma Tala’s spirit returned and it said, “Know who you are meant to be”.

After the long journey, they finally reached TeFiti. There they saw that the mother of the island was gone and instead there was a lava monster named, Te Ka. Maui and Moana tried hard but they could not defeat Te Ka. An idea stuck Moana and with all her courage she gave the heart to TeKa. The monster after receiving the heart remembered who she was meant to be. The monster was TeFiti. After receiving the heart, TeFiti bloomed once again. The world restored its balance.

Moana and Maui’s journey together completed and they said goodbye to each other. Moana returned to her people. The little girl from the Motunui island now knew who she was meant to be. She was a daughter, a leader, and a way-finder. She was brave Moana.


Be courageous and brave.

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