Perfect justice

Contributed by : Ravina Sewani   
Perfect justice

This is a story of friend, planet and robot.

Moral(s) of the story: forgiveness and justice

Over an interplanetary chat, Pancho met his friend, Zero-Zero. They became best of friends and would always talk about the things on their planets. Once, Pancho decided to finally meet his friend and booked a space flight to visit Zero-Zero on his planet. Zero-Zero welcomed Pancho gracefully and was showing him things around his planet. They were so engaged in their talks that Pancho tripped over and bumped his head on a sphere that was lying on the path. After the impact, the sphere opened up, and from out of it came a little man. The little man had an enormous bruise on his head, and was screaming madly.

Zero-Zero was so scared that he could not even speak. Before Pancho could apologise, two giant robots turned up. The robots took out devices and scanned the place. After this, they took the little man and Pancho away at top speed. 

Pancho could not understand what was happening. In a minute, both of them were now in a large sphere in front of a very serious-looking robot. Pancho had not even settled that he heard the robot say: “go ahead”. Without hesitation the little man hit Pancho on his head very hard. After this, the robot took out a pain-measuring machine and checked Pancho’s pain. After this, the robot asked Pancho to hit the little man again with same impact, not more, not less.

Pancho had no idea what was happening. He looked around him. Through the transparent walls he could see many other spheres, each one containing a robot dressed, along with people hitting and pushing each other. The little man, standing before him, looked at Pancho with fear. “You may hit him. Remember, no more than on the card,” said the robot.

Pancho was not able to hit the man intentionally. The robot then explained to him, “This is a process of perfect justice. Both of you will receive exactly the same harm. If one of you exceeds the limit you will receive another card and this will go on till both of you have received equal pain."

Pancho was impressed with this system of perfect justice. He thought that no one would be harmed more than anyone and everyone would suffer exactly the same. He started running to compliment about this to Zero-Zero. But the robot stopped him and asked him to finish this process of perfect justice. Pancho did not want to hit the little man so he said, “I forgive him and do not wish to hit him.” The robot still did not let him go. This made Pancho angry and irritated. He thought, “What a pain! How could it be impossible to forgive someone?” So he tore the card in two pieces and said “Look! Now there are no points left."

The robot appeared to break down. It started emitting whistling noises, lots of lights all over its body lit up, and it lost control of its movements. Just before exploding, the robot returned to normal, and quietly said: “It is correct. Now you may leave. Thank you for using the system of perfect justice.” The door opened, and before he could run to meet greet Zero-Zero, the little man hugged Pancho and thanked him for saving his life and forgiving him.

When he was leaving his sphere, he noticed so many other people hitting eachother, some lying on beds, some so injured that they could not even move. Zero-Zero explained that the main problem with the perfect justice system was that it was almost impossible to give out exactly the correct amount of harm, and the people would end up hitting each other for days and days. Everyone was so scared of this system that people started living in isolated spheres, never meeting or talking to anyone.

A few days later, Pancho returned home, but his name was never forgotten on that planet. Previously, no one had forgiven anyone for anything, but thanks to him they had discovered that forgiveness is a necessary part of justice.


Revenge is not the only way to gain justice. Forgiveness is equally important. Infact, forgiveness brings peace of mind but revenge always brings chaos of mind.

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